Why Buy a Franchise?

There are many benefits to buying a ready made business compared to building a brand new company.

  • You are not alone - your Franchisor is your business coach and mentor.
  • You work with like minded people who have the same goals and passions as you do.
  • The learning curve is smoother, you don't have to learn the hard way!
  • The wrinkles are ironed out, a franchisee can concentrate on the important aspects of the business, hiring and training a great support team, utilizing their Operations Manuals to create a delicious and consistent product that will have customers constantly tempted to visit again.
  • There is less trial and error. Costly mistakes can be avoided.
  • From a consumer's opinion, a franchise offers them the assurance of consistency.
  • Statistically, franchises are 95% more likely to survive the first three years of business.

The Burger Heaven menu is completely unformulated, and is impossible to duplicate without the recipes and knowledge of ingredients.

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